Photo Shooting per To Get Her, Pietrasanta

Photo Shooting per To Get Her, Pietrasanta

For a long time I wanted to include within my web a sort of small diary, where we talk about images not only related to the world of wedding (weddings, engagement, etc etc) but of all-round photography, being able to space from the landscape to the street photography able to tell in a fraction of a second epic, iconographic moments or simply a smile met during one of the many walks with the camera around his neck.

I decided to start this little great adventure in photography telling the shooting done a few months ago with her friends Anna and Susanna of “To get Her“, a beautiful atelier of wedding dresses and ceremony in the heart of Pietrasanta.

Every corner or alley of Pietrasanta is a movie set from which you can draw inspiration for ever-changing images … the cloister of Sant’Agostino, one of the most appreciated places of art and exhibition space, is among the most suggestive frames where you can create photographs with a great impact and expressive force.

I leave you to the images and the expressive strength of the models, very good at expressing with their charm all the beauty and uniqueness of To get Her’s clothes.


The Portrait in the Wedding Photography